Flanders Heritage Agency


Flanders Heritage Agency is the agency of the Flemish Government that deals with immovable cultural heritage, broadly defined as archaeology, built and maritime heritage and cultural landscapes. The Agency protects immovable heritage, supports its conservation and carries out policy-oriented research in Flanders.

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Our main tasks

  • Preparing, monitoring and evaluating the heritage policy
  • Researching, cataloguing and protecting heritage values
  • Assisting the management of protected immovable Pheritage
  • Providing financial assistance for owners' protected heritage monuments and sites
  • Accrediting and/or subsidising heritage actors and partners
  • Management of the immovable heritage depository
  • Communicating about our operation and heritage and the heritage policy in Flanders


The main goal of the Flanders Heritage Agency is to advance an inclusive and sustainable maintenance and use of the Flanders cultural legacy.


Our goals

  • Providing a frame of reference for all parties involved or interested in heritage in Flanders
  • Encouraging and helping people to cherish the heritage
  • Actively contribute to building the heritage of tomorrow
  • Show the world that Flanders Heritage is an interesting heritage partner


You can contact us by mail: info@onroerenderfgoed.be